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Enrollment Options

2023-2024 Enrollment Options


Option 1:  CCS On Campus (Grades K-5  $4,750*/year;  Grades 6-8  $5,450*/year )
  • 3 days on campus with teacher-led instruction in the classroom (Tues, Wed, Thurs)
  • 2 days parent-led instruction at home (Mon, Fri) using lessons plans prepared by the Coastal classroom teacher
  • Enrichment classes included on Tues, Wed, and Thurs
  • Academic pacing of assignments is determined by the school 
  • Biblical integration throughout programming
  • Access to FACTS Family Portal (online and app) AND FACTS LMS (Learning Management System)
  • MAP Growth Assessment (Fall, Spring)
  •Weekly/Monthly school communications
*Tuition does NOT include Application Fee, Registration Fee, Technology Fee, Curriculum (Cost varies by grade), Uniforms, and other incidentals.

Option 2:  CCS Homeschool Support  (Tuition $1000*/year)
  • Parent-led instruction at home (No instructional support provided by Coastal)
  • Curriculum list is available but curriculum is not included in fees (optional)
  • FACTS access and lesson plans available (optional)
  • MAP Growth Assessment (Fall and Spring) (required)
  • End of year portfolio review by FL Certified Teacher (required)
  • Grades submitted by parent at end of year (required)
  • Grade report generated and provided by Coastal at end of year
  • In order to have access to our online system and participate in standardized testing, these students must be registered as a Coastal Community School student (you will NOT need to register with Brevard County or any other homeschool umbrella)
*Tuition does NOT include Application Fee, Registration Fee.

To inquire about any of these options and ask further questions, please REQUEST INFO.
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