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Coastal Community School equips students to become servant leaders through the strengths of a common Christ-centered faith, family commitment and a superior academic environment.



Coastal Community School is committed to building a Christ-centered community of families who partner together to create an educational environment that:  fosters a passion for experiential learning;  stimulates spiritual, physical and intellectual vitality and instills in students a compassionate heart trained to partner with and serve others locally and globally. 


​Coastal Community School is founded on a biblical, Christian belief system. Our faith unites us through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ so then, we have hope for a unity that transcends cultural, denominational and geographical boundaries and helps us live out our mission and vision. We believe that no knowledge is incompatible with Christian belief and that moral training is necessary to help learning find its ultimate fulfillment in service.


Believing parents to be the primary source of spiritual and moral training for their children, Coastal Community School is designed to engage families in the educational process and to support them as they raise their child. We provide our parent community with the support of qualified teachers who partner with them in the guidance and delivery of the curriculum and instruction. This method combines instruction both on and off campus.


​Coastal Community School seeks to provide challenging academics, diverse enrichment opportunities and hands-on learning through work, service and experience. Our unique academic structure combines the best in practice and curriculum to train minds in each stage of development—from learning facts and figures to developing critical thinking and the defense of ideas.